What to fish for

Moriches Bay offers an assortment of fish throughout the year.  Known for its abundance of both fluke and flounder, the bay also offers other exciting angling opportunities including striped bass, bluefish, weakfish and blue claw crab. Digging clams is also a great afternoon activity. Whatever you're after, here at Silly Lily Fishing Station, we have everything you could need to get out and go fishing.

Flounder season: Apr. 1st - May 30th. Feeding habits and locations vary with the water temperature, tide and available food sources.  The flounder action is usually consistent throughout the season.  Anchoring the boat and using worms and mussels as bait and chumming with clam or mussels, usually results in the best action.

May through November  Striped Bass, Bluefish and Weakfish also are attracted to a variety of baits and lures and are often times caught incidentally by fluke and flounder fisherman. These fish are available from May through November.

Fluke season: May 1st-Sept 30th  Feeding habits and locations vary. Since this fish has a reputation of being an active predator, the variety of angling techniques used by fisherman can vary greatly. Baits such as spearing, sandeels, killies and squid or artificial lures including bucktails, jigs and plugs take their share of the catch.

Late Summer  At this time Flounder season re-opens and triggerfish, porgies and seabass join the bag available in the bay.  Blue Claw crabs are plentiful in coves and creeks on the north side of the bay from June through October and can be taken using traps, droplines, or nets.

There's a bait for every fish

We stock the following bait during the corresponding fishing season:

**For advice on which angling techniques and locations are producing the best results. just ask one of our courteous staff members.  Our boat rental customers also receive a detailed map of the bay with the "Hot Spots" clearly marked. 

**Remember to follow all current conservation laws regarding size, catch limits, and open seasons and please think about the future. Only Keep the fish you will use.


Equipment for rent or sale

Whether you are renting or purchasing, we offer a full line of fishing, crabbing and clamming equipment. Simply inquire at the front desk and we'll make sure you have exactly what you'll need for a fun day of fishing.

Fishing Poles: Spinning or Boat Pole

Fishing Hooks: Fluke, Flounder, Weakfish, Bluefish, Striped Bass, Blackfish, Porgy, Snapper

Fishing Acessories: Chum pots, Fluke nets, Crab nets, Sinkers, Line and lots more.

Crabbing: Crab traps, Bait rings, Crab bait.

What's in season

Refer to the chart below to see what is currently in season and what is off season. This information is routinely updated based on the latest fishing regulations. Be respectful of this timetable so that species can naturally repopulate our waters annually.

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